Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fred Wesley- Funk for your ass

First off, sorry for not posting in a long time, I was in some other world. Here some good Fred Wesley to cheer you up. Fred Wesley is probably the biggest name concerning Trombone and Funk. He has worked with the most famous people like James Brown and Maceo Parker just to name those 2.

In 2008, has a tribute to James Brown he released the album named Funk for your Ass. Costaring with Bootsy Collins, Clyde Stubblefiel and Jab'o Starks, this CD is a pure party maker. Your whole body will start to shake under the echanting vibe of Wesley's trombone.

DWNL Album (various KPBS)

Dont forget to check out the CLIP ROLL


LcsBluesMan said...

can some one send the password to fred wesley's album !?

R-Strong said...

There you go mate
Thanks for noticing :)... wrong link

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Funk me.

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