Sunday, April 22, 2012

Psychemagik Sunrise + tracklist

Here is a two-hour mix from Pyschemagik I have been listening to for a while. It has been bugging me, because its filled with fantastic tracks that I had never heard before, but they didn't published any track list of the mix so. At first I tried to identify the tracks myself with Shazam, Lyrics research etc. When I got to the 10th track I stumble upon a group of people discussing the track listing of the mix, so they made it much easier for me. With their help I managed to find the names of 17 tracks out of 26.

Enjoy the smooth hippified Rock-Funk  groove :) it is such an uplifting trip that Psychemagik offered us.


Sunrise – Psychemagik
1 0:00 Mystic Dance - Asia Minor
2 1:40 Naissance De La Ville - Dan Ar Braz
3 5:50 Ophis Le Serpentaire - Vincent Geminiani
4 8:25 Long Way Down - Jimmie Spheeris
5 12:24 Alexis - The James Gang
6 17:05 To Be Lonely - Country Comfort
7 20:34 Pinball (Ashley Beedle's Tripped Rework) - Brian Protheroe
8 25:55 Perdido En El Universo - The Falcons
9 30:32 How Half Is The Moon - Alex Oriental Experience
10 34:24 Soweto - Tala Am
11 41:48 ??
12 46:50 It's Alright - Junip
13 50:12 Born With The Moon In Virgo - Michael Franks
14 56:16 House On The Rock - Rob Mehl
15 59:46 ??
16 62:27 Onda - Cassiano
17 69:54 Karnaval - Howard Wales
18 73:40 Delirio en fa Menor - Daniel Grau
19 77:33 Shanghai - Ramasandiran Somusundaram
20 80:32 Inner Fire - Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright
21 84:48 My dreams – Gaston
22 89:05 ??
23 92:45 ??
24 97:35 You Sho' Look Good To Me - Evie Sands
25 101:40 Sleep My Love – Massada    bon voyage hatoba - chu kosaka
26 105:52 ??
27 111:57 ??
24 97:35 You Sho' Look Good To Me - Evie Sands
25 101:40 ??
26 105:52 ??
27 111:57 ??

Please Contribute at this website if you know any of the tracks missing

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fred Wesley- Funk for your ass

First off, sorry for not posting in a long time, I was in some other world. Here some good Fred Wesley to cheer you up. Fred Wesley is probably the biggest name concerning Trombone and Funk. He has worked with the most famous people like James Brown and Maceo Parker just to name those 2.

In 2008, has a tribute to James Brown he released the album named Funk for your Ass. Costaring with Bootsy Collins, Clyde Stubblefiel and Jab'o Starks, this CD is a pure party maker. Your whole body will start to shake under the echanting vibe of Wesley's trombone.

DWNL Album (various KPBS)

Dont forget to check out the CLIP ROLL

Sunday, March 4, 2012

NuDisco - Le Nonsense - Cherokee - Levantine

This following post presents 3 songs using the same sample I personally didn't manage to find the original sample probably buried in some 70's disco funk song, so if you do find it please contact me. Anyway, the first on the list is Cherokee, one of the great producing artist under the NuDisco "Shiny Disco Club" label (Lyon,France). This Label is really worth checking out if you like Nudisco / House Disco stuff,  alongside with Cherokee I really digg Kartell's and Darius' productions .

Cherokee - Take care of you

Download the song 

Levantine- Marianne
Levantine made rally great use of the sample in the song "Marianne" usualy a higher pitch Nu-Disco song producer, Levantine made a solid smooth production on this one.

Download song

Jon Delerious - Remember 
I am also a big fan of Deep-House music and even though this blog is not dedicated to this type of music here is one great Deep-House song I found in my library using the same sample as the 2 previous songs. Unfortunatly its hard to find info and links for Jon Delerious stuff aside from his Beatport page


Le NonSense
Le NonSense
is a fatastic NuDisco Italian producer who makes alot of orignial productions all using pure Funk/Disco samples, he also remixed couple of songs like the one from Cherokee

Patrice Rushen - Remind Me (Le Nonsense Remix)
Download (if soundcloud's link is dead)

Le Nonsense- Heat (Orginal Mix)
Good sample from Young and company

Thats it folks, hope you like what I shared with you. Dont forget to like us on FACEBOOK and listen to the radio show. Parrish, Ugly Edits No. 10.mp3


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Luke Millon

Luke Millon 
Luke Million is the synth wizard from Australia’s premier disco act The Swiss. In between touring and studio sessions with The Swiss, writing music for television and film and giving classical piano recitals; Luke has found time to whip up some disco delights in the form of a solo project.
He has made a big explosion on the scene after the release of the great song called Arnold, by doing this post I want to show that he produced alot more and some real legit groove.

Sun Splash
This song is the B side of Arnold 7"
download 320 kpbs

Dare you
Another relatively recent release from the great Luke Millon
Download Luke- Dare You - Special Dub Mix 320 kpbs
Italo Journeay / Octobussy
Released in 2010 this great futuristic disco title is worth is penny weight. So buy it here
Download Luke Million Italo Journey part I 320kbps
Disco Dictator Remix
According to me, his remix of  Auxiliary Tha masterfader's the disco dictator is the best remix on the EP. Download 320 kpbs

The great and popular song you probably heard before.

Download 320 kbps   BUY(gives you more energy !)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sex vibe music

Happy Valentine's Day ! <3

Here is 2 great love songs from  2 underground disco edits producers and a great love music mix that I did to allow you to put on a more than appropriate vibe during your sexual intercourses.

Ellas es todo para me - Barry White (DeeJ. Valavanis edit)
You will love Barry White's spanish accent.

Intimate friends - Eddie Kendrick ( Overnight love edit)
This has always been my favorite valentine's day song, it has such a good sensual vibe. 

Music to have sex on (love mix) - R-Strong 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

VIP Fela Kuti (Black History Month)

Every  February Funk Connection likes to celebrate the black history month by playing a lot of Afro music. Fela kuti is one of my favorite of this gender. He is one the many musically talented black folks out there!
May his soul rest in peace !
Fela kuti is one of the rare artist that makes me fly in another world when I listen to his work. Here is a video and an mp3 of a live performance of the song named  V.I.P ( Vagabond with power)  during a great concert he gave in Berlin in 1978.

Fela Kuti - V.I.P (parts I & II )
Download mp3. 192 kpbs (sorry no HQ version available)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Afro heat- Soul Makossa (Indeep remix) - Disco's payback Gonzo


Hope yall doing good, if not , here some good happy music to cheer you up.

Afro Heat : Soul Makossa- Manu Dibango vs. Indeep
Great mix between two classics, Im a big fan of Manu Dibango so at first I didn't like this crazy version but now I am enjoying it  quite often.

Download 320kpbs
Buy the EP

Gonzo presents Disco's Payback - The reboots
This is a great compilation (free DWNLD whole album) of mash up between old great DISCO songs and today's popular POP songs. As a big fan of Cerrone, my favorite is definitely "Give me dynamite love". The whole set is an odd to joy and its perfect for dj sets in parties where people keep asking to hear pop songs... give them the disco version. I have played some of those songs among Discos ignorant and some of them said "Hey, that new remix of Akon's sexy bitch is really good ! "

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